Locations and Fees


Leighton Buzzard 
Milton Keynes 

Consultation Options

Counselling Consultation 
I recommend an initial, no-obligation 50 minute Consultation where we can meet and you can form an impression of me and how we might work together, and you can tell me what’s brought you to Counselling and talk about whatever is troubling you. 

Hypno-Psychotherapy Assessment
If you’re not sure what therapies might be best for you, I offer a one-hour Assessment session which includes a full assessment and History-taking. You can tell me about what has brought you to therapy, ask any questions you may have and we can meet and you can form an impression of me and how we might work together. I will assess which therapies I offer are most suitable for you, along with assessing your suitability for hypnosis and giving you feedback on treatment options and lengths.

Integrative Trauma Treatment
If you think that you might need Trauma Therapy, we will do a full Assessment of your history and current mood and functioning to identify and give you feedback on what type of therapy you might need. You can form an impression of me and how we might work together and can ask any questions you may have about your symptoms and about Trauma Therapy in general.

Consultation Fees:

Counselling Consultation (50 minutes): £55
Hypno-Psychotherapy Assessment (60 minutes): £70 before 5.00pm : £75 from 5.00pm
Integrative Trauma Treatment (incl EMDR) (60 minutes) : £70 before 5.00pm: £75 from 5.00pm. EMDR sessions: from £70 per hour (£75 from 5.00)

Session Fees:

Appointments for weekly counselling are £55. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Appointments for weekly hypno-psychotherapy are £70 before 5.00pm or £75 from 5.00pm.
Session lengths: 60 minutes

Integrative Trauma Treatment (including EMDR):
I currently charge £70-75 for Integrative Trauma work, which may include EMDR as appropriate. Appointments before 5.00pm are £70; from 5.00 are £75. EMDR sessions from £70 per hour.
Session lengths: 60 minutes (EMDR processing sessions may be longer than 60 minutes).

IBS Hypno-Psychotherapy:
– Course of 6 sessions (paid in full in advance) – £420.
IBS Hypno-psychotherapy includes 6 IBS Hypnosis CD’s FREE for home use between sessions.