Most people have a sleepless night from time to time, maybe caused by stress, anticipation for a ‘big day’ ; an interview or meeting, or perhaps from drinking too much alcohol or caffeine.

Insomnia becomes a problem when lack of sleep or sleeplessness is a regular or frequent occurrence, seemingly happening for no reason. The amount of sleep needed varies from person to person. Whilst the suggested average is 7-8 hours sleep, some people exist well on much less and others need 9 hours to function adequately – it’s a very personal thing. The inability to get a good night’s sleep affects our mood, our functioning during the day, our energy level and our health as sleep boosts the immune system, enabling it to carry out its functions of growth and repair in our body.

Insomnia can be a temporary problem or can become chronic. Those who suffer from stress, worry and anxiety tend also to experience problems with sleeplessness or lack of adequate, refreshing sleep.

Hypno-psychotherapy at Persephone can help you relax and normalise your sleep patterns, enabling you to reclaim your ability to fall asleep easily and quickly, sleep soundly and wake refreshed, energized and alert ready to face the new day.

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