About Me

About Me

I am an integrative psychotherapist, specialising in using hypnosis within psychotherapy (Hypno-Psychotherapist) and EMDR. I am in private practice with adults and have been working on the borders of Beds, Bucks and Herts for over 14 years, having started practising in London in 1994.

My Approach 

I hold an ‘atheoretical’ stance towards psychotherapy – which means I don’t adhere to any one particular therapeutic theory of human psychology. My atheoretical stance has developed from my experiential and theoretical trainings in many different therapy theories and approaches. These include: ‘critical’ Social Psychology, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Existential, Cognitive-Behavioural (CBT), Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLP), Body Psychotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Kestenberg Movement Profile, Somatic Trauma Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

My Qualifications :  

  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis & Psychotherapy ( ADHP(NC) )
  • Diploma in Hypnosis & Psychotherapy ( DHP(NC) )
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc (Open)  )
  • European Certificate in Clinicial Hypnosis (ECCH)
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology


My Accreditations & Memberships

  • UKCP Registered
  • Fellow of National Society of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness
  • Member of European Association of Hypno-Psychotherapists
  • Member of European Chamber of Hypno-Psychotherapists
  • Member of United Kingdom College of Hypno-Psychotherapists
  • Member of EMDR International Association – UK & Ireland
  • Member of UK Psychological Trauma Society
  • Member of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
  • Member of IBS Register


What I do

I work integratively, while also specialising in using hypnosis as an adjunct to psychotherapy, where appropriate. My experiential and theoretical training in a number of psychological therapies equips me to work with a variety of psychological problems. I have also undertaken extensive research, and additional training, for working with trauma. As there is no one approach that suits all clients or all problems, an integrative approach with a knowledge of different techniques is very helpful.

I am currently training as a Supervisor as well as working towards accreditation as an EMDR Practitioner with the EMDR Association UK and Ireland.


What I offer


I currently offer the following therapies:

Psychotherapy: an integrative approach, informed by body psychotherapy approaches, includes: Transactional Analysis (TA), Inner Child work, Affect-Centred therapy (ACT), CBT, Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT); Involves psychodynamic, humanistic and or existential approaches as appropriate .

Hypno-Psychotherapy: an integrative approach, includes: hypnosis, CBT, Inner Child work, TA, SFBT and Affect – Centred therapy within a psychotherapeutic approach.

Integrative Trauma work: informed by body psychotherapy. Includes: EMDR, Rewind’ technique, Somatic Trauma therapy, Affect Regulation skills and Trauma-focused CBT as appropriate.